Winterizing Your Car

Includes: Basic oil change, inspection of electrical system, Battery test, check tire tread, and pressure lube all suspension fittings where required, OBDII engine, transmission and *ABS scan. Coolant flush and refill to factory specs. *Brake service to include front pads and rotor resurfacing, top off windshield washer fluid, check spare tire and jack tools, inspect and service fuel

*(additional parts and labor may be required)
**injection system and or carburetor where required.

One of our specially trained technicians will:

  1. Replace engine oil* and oil filter (specialty oils/specialty filters extra).
  2. Lube chassis (as required).
  3. Analyze charging and starting systems.
  4. Rotate tires and adjust air pressure (as required).**
  5. Inspect and top up fluids (to a maximum of one litre).
  6. Inspect brakes and suspension.
  7. Inspect all exterior lights, wiper blades, belts and hoses.
  8. Inspect and test block heater.
  9. Test engine coolant and inspect for leaks.

Dr Auto Winter Car Care Package prepares your vehicle for the changes in seasonal temperature and driving conditions, and helps prevent costly breakdown repairs.

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